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Welcome to my website!

I’m Rachael Hull, and I’m a tired teacher! Don’t get me wrong, I love my students, classroom, coworkers, and school. I don’t entertain the thought of quitting teaching because I don’t WANT to do anything else. But boy am I tired. And believe me, there’s no tired like “Teacher Tired”.

I’ve also been teaching for TWENTY years! When I looked ahead to see how many years I had until retirement, I thought, “Whoa. I’m not going to make it.” 

But friends, I have to make it. So I had to figure out a strategy for combatting teacher burn out. After many many brainstorming sessions, I kept coming back to one word, FUN. You enjoy yourself when you have fun. You feel better when you laugh. I think back on my best days in the classroom, and it was when I turned an ordinary lesson into a fun activity. *Note I didn’t say “easy”. I think running is fun. Easy? Nope*

Teacher wellness was also another goal. When you’re whole, when you’re filling your cup with healthy things, there’s no room for the unhealthy.

So that’s my plan. I want the back end of my career to be filled with more fun than the beginning of my career. I hope you take this journey with me.

Which brings us to this website…. it’s my plan to fill this full of resources (and hope you add some too) that I use to keep it FUN.

My teaching style

I’m am a content-focused teacher who takes into account the diverse learning styles of my students to differentiate lessons and activities. Translation: I look at what I’m going to teach my students, and adapt it so each student will learn it in their own way. In my classroom you will see different work stations, flexible seating, anchor charts, and technology everywhere!

I’m also a classroom management rockstar! I believe in making my classroom a functional learning environment. I take the assertive discipline approach by Lee and Marlene Canter. (Think Mary Poppins… firm but kind). I also run restorative practices in my classroom, which makes room A8 a classroom community where students and teacher both are held accountable for their responsibilities. 

Other influences:


  • BA Hope College, Holland Michigan 
  • Masters Degree: University of Phoenix
  • Besides serving on corporation technology committees since 2001, I have presented inquiry math sessions at Purdue University as well as the NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) Conference.

Teaching Firsties with Mrs Hull 2019
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