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Making Digital Anchor Charts On The Google Slides App

I have a confession. I love making digital anchor charts! The good old fashioned paper charts are great too, but the problem is that my classroom is super small, and so my posters need to be shrunk to fit my skinny cabinet doors. So any small details I made on a poster weren’t visible from across the room. This was a problem for my literacy stations spread in different locations. I solved this by making multiple charts and posting them at each station, but who has the time to do that every time you introduce a new skill? In this article, I’m going to show you how to make digital anchor charts on the google slides app.

anchor charts

Ideally, you’ll make the chart with your kiddos, because it’s important that you introduce the skill with them, and allow them to see the creation of your anchor chart. I always get a thrill when I put up a new poster and say, “I’m going to put this chart right here so we can all look at it when we forget what we’re supposed to do!” I’d pick my “busy bee” (my helper for the day) to help me hang it up, and voila! My anchor chart is there for the kids to stop and refer to anytime they had a question.

That Might Have Worked If…

anchor charts

OMGosh who am I kidding! My poor beautiful anchor chart hung on the cabinet doors like a lonely piece of art in a closed museum. My kiddos never looked back at it, and probably couldn’t even tell me where it was. And guess who is at fault for that? Me! I was forgetting the most important thing about anchor charts… Yes, you can make them beautiful and creative, but unless you remember to refer back to them, they’re nothing but wallpaper.

The Need For Digital Anchor Charts

And now it’s 2020 and it’s a mixture of virtual learning, or a hybrid model. Your problem of students not being able to see their anchor charts just got more complicated. They’re either at home, or not able to move around your room freely to check out your posters. 

So we get creative. We get dry erase boards and document cameras and try to figure out how to get all of our kiddos to watch while we present our anchor charts… Sound familiar? 

We have different methods to show our kiddos information, but what if we made an anchor chart on the Google Slides App and added it to the beginning of all of our Google activities? 

That way, your students will see it every time they open your activity. Let’s say you’re beginning a unit on character traits. Using the Google Slides app to make your anchor charts for character traits means that not only can you share it with your students via Zoom or Google Meet, you can give your students that chance to revisit the skill when they open the activities you make. 

How To Make Digital Anchor Charts On The Google Slides App

To help you out, here is a video showing you how to make an anchor chart on the google slides app.

Now, all you have to do is add it to your Google Classroom. Need a google Classroom refresher? Click here.

Even though I want to learn how to do all of these things, I also know that I can’t do it all. If you out of time and just need the anchor charts finished for you, you can grab them here! The work is done for you. They come on Google Slides, just add your own activities after each anchor chart.

anchor charts

Well, folks, I’d love to see your creations! Have fun making your anchor charts!

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