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Making Digital Anchor Charts on The Seesaw App

Hey friends! In the last article, I showed you how to make digital anchor charts with Google Slides. Now it’s Seesaw’s turn! The Seesaw app is my favorite educational platform. I’ve used it for years and have yet to find something better. Today, I’m going to show you how to make anchor charts on the Seesaw app.

And why do we need to make digital anchor charts? Well, until we are back in the classroom “normally” again, we can’t make our beautiful anchor charts in front of our students and post them on our walls for the kiddos to see. We might be able to make the poster on video, but if the students are at home, they can’t see them. And anchor charts hold no future value if the students cannot refer back to them. 

So we make digital anchor charts. This way you can share it with your students on a Zoom call or Google Meet, and ALSO add it to your activities. I’d like to think that our lives will go back to normal, and our classrooms will return to pre-pandemic times. When that happens, you can STILL use these at your literacy stations.

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What Can You Add To Your Digital Anchor Charts?

I usually gain a lot of inspiration from Pinterest. There are some beautiful anchor charts that other teachers have made and I find that I can adapt them to meet my needs. 

Anchor charts on the  Seesaw app will look different than on Google Slides. You have the ability to add video and a drawing at the same time.  I find that I can add a mini-lesson video to my page along with some text. This is a good time to do a read aloud to demonstrate the reading skill.

This video will show you how to get the most out of your Seesaw tools to make a really engaging anchor chart that you can add to the beginning of your Seesaw activity. Watch it, then make your own anchor charts on the Seesaw app!

Need another hint for your charts?

Use your activity as a template for your Seesaw activities. For example, if you are making some activities on “Main Idea”, start by making your anchor chart for main idea using the steps in the video. Then save it as a main idea template. 

anchor charts

Now you can click on the three dots at the bottom of the activity and click “Copy and Edit”. You have a new activity with your main idea anchor chart already inside, and now you add the rest of your slides! Total time saver!

Speaking of time, if you’re fresh out of time, and just need to pick up a set of anchor charts done for you, get them here! All of the anchor charts are preloaded onto Seesaw. Adding them to your library just takes one click. Then, you are free to add your own video and audio to each slide, plus whichever activities you’d like to give to your students.

anchor charts

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