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seesaw tools

Use This Fun Scavenger Hunt To Teach Your Students The Seesaw Tools

Do you want to use Seesaw with your students but dread the beginning of the year when they don’t know how to use the Seesaw …

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Five Activities For Fast Finishers To Avoid Hearing “I’m Done”

How many times have you heard the phrase “I’m done!” in an elementary classroom? Too many, right?! And it’s so catchy too. Once one student …

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how to set up literacy centers

5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When You’re Learning How To Set Up Literacy Centers

Hey teacher friend! Today let’s talk ALL the things related to setting up centers in the classroom. And let’s be honest, literacy centers if set …

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Five Minute Fix For Managing Your Reading Materials At Your Literacy Center

Literacy stations. It’s a love/hate relationship. You either can’t run your classroom without them, or you avoid them like the plague. I get it, the …

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Seven Strategies For Student Expectations And Classroom Management That Will Make Your Literacy Stations Successful

Hey teacher friends! Literacy stations are such an important part of early childhood education. But today we’re going to talk about student behavior at your …

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Three Interactive Types Of Activities For Reading Groups

Hey teacher friends! Today I’m back with reading group strategies. I know this is something you’ve probably heard about countless times but just stick with …

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ability grouping

The Pros And Cons Of Ability Grouping For Your Independent Small Groups

I made so many mistakes when I first began planning for small group instruction. One of the big ones was grouping my students and leaving …

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Writing Stations

Using Digital Resources for your Writing Center

Hi friends! I’m going to admit something to you. Something that I don’t know. It’s hard to admit in such a public forum like this …

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Literacy Stations

How To Easily Organize Independent Reading Groups For Effective Literacy Stations

Hey hey, teacher friends, I’m excited to begin the first of a 5 part series to help you set up and maintain the literacy stations …

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5 Easy Ways To Build Classroom Community

There are many things to consider about your room as a classroom community. Here are some tips to build a strong classroom community for the …

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Reading Stations

5 Fun Ways To Teach The Reading Skill Compare And Contrast

There are many activities you can do to introduce and reinforce the reading comprehension skill of compare and contrast. This reading strategy is fun to …

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Making Digital Anchor Charts On The Google Slides App

I have a confession. I love making digital anchor charts! The good old fashioned paper charts are great too, but the problem is that my …

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Listening Stations

Use Epic For Reading Comprehension And Keep Virtual Learning Boredom At Bay

This app was a lifesaver. I don’t know how I would have survived virtual learning without it. Using Epic for reading comprehension strategies was the …

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Rachael's Story

Rachael has over twenty-two years of classroom experience and is the go-to girl for all things digital! She has been lead presenter at the NCTM Council of Mathematics, several Purdue conferences, and has been featured on Kayse Morris’ Teacher TV, and Marissa Rehder’s Teacher Haven Membership. 

Teaching Firsties with Mrs. Hull

Teaching literacy and facilitating literacy stations has been a passion of Rachael's and she wants to help you gain the confidence to use technology in your classroom! Rachael's blog, Teaching Firsties blends literacy and technology with helpful articles for K-2 educators.

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