Using Boom Cards And Seesaw

If you are interested in Boom Cards, but primarily use Seesaw in your classroom, did you know that using Boom Cards and Seesaw together is easy? Let’s walk through how to add a link to Boom Learning through a Seesaw Activity.

Making A Boom Cards And Seesaw Assignment

boom cards and seesaw

It is easy to add a Boom Deck game to Seesaw. First, you need to decide if you want to add a fast-play link, or a hyper-play link. Here are the differences between the two kinds of links:

Boom Cards Fast Play

Hyper Play Links

Adding The Link To Seesaw

When you have chosen your link, I’ve found the best method is to add the link to the description. I also like to use the code :link: when I’m writing my directions. Then, you’ll get the nice link icon! Adding the link this way avoids confusion.

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P.S. Speaking of Seesaw: Do you struggle teaching the platform to your students each year? Try using a scavenger hunt for your students to learn all the Seesaw tools!

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