I don’t know about you, but around March or April, it was hard to hold my first grader’s attention. I knew I needed to up my game. I’ve heard about Boom Learning, so I thought I’d give them a try. Once I did, I was hooked. So what are boom cards?

This Boom Cards Tutorial is the first of eight blogs: at the end of this article, I’m going to link to all the rest of the helpful tips about Boom Learning. You’ll have everything at your fingertips to use this website for your students!

What Are Boom Cards?

what are boom cards

Boom Learning is a platform that has been around for awhile, but only recently has been mainstream due to virtual learning. They are so much fun – my students loved them!

What are Boom Cards and Boom Decks? The first thing that confused me was the difference between a “Boom Deck” and “Boom Cards”. Think about a deck of cards. The deck is the set of many cards. So a deck is the activity made up of several cards.

How Do Boom Cards Work?

how do boom cards work

As a teacher, you will love how interactive Boom Learning is for your students. This goes beyond just a simple flashcard. Boom cards can incorporate:

  • Yes/No Questiosn
  • Multiple Choice
  • Fill In The Blank
  • Drag And Drop
  • And More!

Each Boom Card is self-checking, so your students will know right away if they got the right answer.

What Are Boom Card Reports?

how to use boom cards

Each of the Boom Learning activities will generate a report for your students. You can pull up how well your students did on their Boom Decks. You’ll also see:

  • How many times they played the Boom Decks.
  • How many cards were answered correctly the first time.
  • The time it took to complete the cards.
  • An average score of how many cards were answered correctly.
  • A percentage of their best answers and recent answers.

This is really great information for your classroom or even parent teacher conferences.

How To Use Boom Cards

how to use boom cards

To learn more about how to use this website, check out these helpful articles:

Or learn how to use Boom Cards in the classroom from start to finish with the FREE Boom Card Challenge HERE!

P.S. If you also use Seesaw, but your students need help learning how to use the website, send them on a scavenger hunt to show them how to use all the Seesaw tools!

5 thoughts on “What Are Boom Cards?”

  1. Margaret Robertson

    Hi Rachal,
    I have purchased your Literacy Stations and also subscribed to the Boom Cards site. How do I integrate your stations in their site. You mentioned Boom Cards as one way to use your Literacy Stations, but I don’t know how you do this. I am not very tech savvy. Please help!

    1. Hi Margaret! I’m happy to help you out! I’ll make a video for you and either put it on the Literacy Stations Made Easy Facebook page or I’ll email it to you. It’s super easy once you get started. 🙂

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