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fly swatter game

Using A Fly Swatter Game At Your Independent Spelling Center

As a teacher, you’re always collecting the most random things. If you were to take a look into my classroom, you’d see a collection of fly swatters. I have every color you can imagine. I even have them in animal shapes. No, I don’t have a fly infestation… (ew!) I just really love a good

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spelling activities

How To Make Your Spelling Activities Fun With Emojis

Do you remember the Emoji movie? I never saw it, but I remember how popular emojis were. Around this time, I was making my first spelling activities as digital resources for my students. I started doing this pre-Covid, when it was important to limit the amount of paper we used in our classroom. This was

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spelling games online for your students

Fun Online Spelling Games Your Students Can Play Today

Can we just take a moment to thank my red and blue ABC magnets for their many years of use at my spelling centers? I’m going to talk about really using letter magnets for word work activities in another blog post. Today, I want to talk about all the fun your students can have with

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