finding online stories for kids

Finding Online Stories For Kids That Are Perfect For A Listening Center

About six years ago, one of my sweetest students ever stood up from my listening center with her headphones still attached and started walking away. The poor girl was horrified when my huge clunky CD/tape deck combo clattered to the ground and broke. I had been looking for a reason to find online stories for kids, rather than use the ancient machine that I never liked anyway… so it was time to come up with some new listening activities!

free online stories for kids

Best Places To Find Online Stories For Kids

I have a definite favorite place to find quality online stories for kids- I head over to the Storyline Online YouTube channel. This is fun because there are celebrities that read the stories, but you’ll also see the words and the pictures close up. 

free online stories for kids

The Storyline Online Videos are professionally made, with quality audio so the sound is perfect. There are many people reading children’s books on YouTube, but they’re not always the best quality. This is a great place to begin when you’re looking for engaging read-aloud videos.

free online stories for kids

Online Stories For Kids On The Epic Reading App

I also use the Epic reading app a lot, so I thought I’d give their audiobooks a go. If you haven’t used Epic yet, here’s an overview. There is a HUGE selection of books, so I’d highly recommend using the Epic audiobooks.

Create Your Own Listening Center!

free online stories for kids

Of course, you could also record yourself reading your favorite stories online using a screensharing app. Or record yourself on Seesaw, and add activities in the same assignment! Your kiddos would LOVE to hear the books from YOU. After all, you’re a celebrity to them. Ask my own kids what happens when I see a student out in the “wild”. They can’t believe that their mom is actually pretty cool.

Take the time to read the book on video. Once you do, you have it ready for years to come!

Need Listening Activities With More Online Stories For Kids?

Here are two sets of listening activities for your students that include videos, digital storybooks with audio, and a whole bunch of activities to keep your kids busy at their listening centers.

Twenty popular fairy tales with activities for your listening centers.

Twenty popular fables with activities, includes both print and digital.

Fairy Tales For Kids

These listening activities are perfect for your listening centers. Each fairy tale has a video and a digital storybook with audio along with the following activities:

  • Comprehension activities to check for understanding.
  • Sequencing activities to put the story in order.
  • A foldable mini-book for your students to read and take home.
  • Writing prompts about the fairy tale story.

These are available on Seesaw or Google Slides, as well as printable worksheets. So you can decide which resources best meet the needs of your classroom!

There are twenty fairy tales stories in this collection of listening activities. You can purchase them individually or in sets, depending on your needs!

Aesop’s Fables Stories For Kids

Just like the Fairy Tales stories, these Aesop’s Fables story activities have a video along with text passages for your students to read. Then, they have plenty of activities that match the Aesop’s Fables morals that the characters learn.

For each Aesop’s Fable story, you will download printable worksheets for your students including:

  • Reading passages.
  • Comprehension questions.
  • Writing Prompts.
  • Sequencing Cards.
  • Mini-books.

One of my student’s favorite Aesop’s Fable story was The Ant And The Grasshopper. Here is a video where I walk you through the activities for the whole set and how to adapt them to your classroom.

See An Example Of These Online Stories For Kids Here:

Need one more sneak peek?  Here are the digital resources and printable worksheets that you will get when you purchase a listening center unit.

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