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First Day Jitters is popular read with many teachers for the first day of school

It’s a great book, and there are plenty of activities that easily fit right in the theme.  The First Day Jitters activities and book companion I created and use in my own classroom includes five days of lesson plans and anchor charts, along with everything else you need to get through the first week.  The first day of school rules posters have been a great transition tool right before lunch, and the Seesaw activities let me focus on introducing technology.  There are over 35 pages of activities including reading, phonics, science, and math.

More information on this lesson plan in the store

Introduce yourself on the first day.

It sounds so simple, but my very first year of teaching (back in the stone-ages) I forgot to introduce myself to my students and tell them a little bit about myself. It was an embarrassing four days later when I realized they did not know my name and I was doomed to be “Teacher” until June. Now the first thing I say is “My name is Mrs. Hull, and I’m your first grade teacher. I’m going to learn a lot about you this year, and I want you to know some things about me. I have been teaching for twenty-one years. I have six kids, and a golden retriever named Mollie. My favorite snack is popcorn, and once I pet a SHARK!”.  Then I get right into the activities for First Day Jitters.  Learn more of my ideas on Building A Classroom Community

To help get the first day off on a great start, you can utilize some ice breaker games like the “Name Game” or “Find a Friend Who”.  Check out my top 5 ice breaker games here.   

The First Day Jitters activities and book companion lesson plan is available on Teachers Pay Teachers as part of a Back to School Bundle.  It is also available by itself.

Back to school reading bundle
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If you need a copy of the book, you can get it from Amazon hereThere is still time to get it with Prime shipping.

In the meantime, even if you have three million things to do and your brain is mush… take a moment to stop and breathe.

You’ve got this, teacher friends!

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