powerpoint tutorial

Use This Powerpoint Tutorial To Make ENGAGING Videos For Virtual Learning

powerpoint tutorial

Who knew that we are starting the school year of 2020 needing to teach with video! In March, when we were sent home, I really thought we’d return in August like normal, kids sitting together, hugs for everyone. But now we all are doing some kind of hybrid-virtual voodoo teaching and although NOBODY likes it, we need to make it work. So here is a Powerpoint tutorial to help you make engaging videos for your students.

What is Powerpoint?

Once upon a time, Powerpoint was solely a presentation program, where you would make basic slides to use during a book report. I remember being warned not to use too many swoosh sounds or animation effects or it took away from your presentation. (I used them anyway!)

Believe it or not, Powerpoint has been around since 1985! It’s changed a lot since then, and there are so many uses for it beyond just a presentation. But for today’s purposes, I’m going to show you how to make an engaging video presentation for your students. Bonus perk: Keep it in your files to use next year too!

powerpoint tutorial

Powerpoint Tutorial

There are so many in depth videos out there, but in this Powerpoint tutorial, I’m going to show you how to do some of the basic things you need to make an engaging slide show and turn it into a video for your students. But just in case you need more, here’s a good video.

Now You Try!

Give it a shot! You can’t break it. Best advice, keep it simple. Once you’re finished, upload your videos to Seesaw or Google Classroom or whichever platform you use. Let me know how it goes!

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