Presidents Day Activities For Your Literacy Stations


Show a child a picture of George Washington or Abraham Lincoln, and you can see the excitement in their eyes! Presidents Day is fun to teach, but often, it’s hard to find the time. Here are some Presidents Day activities that you can add to your literacy stations. These have VIDEOS along with the digital resources, so your students can learn about good old GW and AL right before completing the activity!

Perfect Time For Cross-Curriculum Learning

Start with a picture book! I love introducing my students to any topic with quality books. Brad Meltzer, the author of “Ordinary People Change The World” series wrote these two phenomenal books about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. I like to start with these books when beginning my Presidents Day activities. If you need a copy, click on the picture to get them from Amazon.

Use Compare And Contrast With Your Presidents Day Activities

How were they the same? How were they different? Assign half of your class to talk about how George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were the same. The other half reports how they were different!

Here are some resources for you, why spend time making them, they’re ready to go HERE.

presidents day activities

Add Presidents Day Activities To Your Literacy Station!

I have been inserting videos into many of my resources, and there are some super fun ones in these activities! The best part is that the video is embedded in the first slide, so your kiddos can watch it without going to another site, and complete the activities right afterward! Plus, adding these to your literacy stations means that they’ll be able to practice their reading skills AND learn about Presidents Day. WIN-WIN!

Activities at

In my room, we always like to mix up traditional and digital activities, so I like to assign a mixture of paper activities with work on their devices. Grab a set of Presidents Day activities to add to your stations today!

Have a good one! 

P.S. If you want to learn more about making videos for your students, here’s a tutorial.

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