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How To Effectively Use Fun Printable Bookmarks For Improved Reading Comprehension

I have never met a student who didn’t love bookmarks. You bust out a set of printable bookmarks and you’re going to see some excitement in your classroom! The beauty of bookmarks is that they can be for anything. I love passing them out for Christmas presents, or as Valentine’s Day Cards.

printable bookmarks

But what I find the most effective is if you use the bookmarks as an extension of your curriculum. One of my favorite subjects for printable bookmarks is reading comprehension.

When To Use Printable Bookmarks

It’s difficult right now, you might not have your students in your classroom, or if you do, you might not be able to assign paper products. If you are fully digital, please send your bookmarks home with your students if you can. Hold onto them until you can use them. If you have your students in your classroom, here’s how you can use your printable bookmarks for reading comprehension.

  • In place of an anchor chart, introduce the reading skill with the bookmark.
  • Send the bookmarks home on library day for at-home reading comprehension practice.
  • Add the bookmarks to your literacy stations for independent practice.

Which Reading Comprehension Strategies Are Included

These are the 15 reading comprehension skills on the printable bookmarks.

  • Main Idea
  • Predicting
  • Summarizing
  • Story Elements
  • Inferencing
  • Drawing Conclusions
  • Making Connections
  • Author’s Purpose
  • Point Of View
  • Sequencing
  • Compare and Contrast
  • Cause and Effect
  • Asking Questions
  • Visualizing
  • Character Traits

How To Get Your FREE Printable Bookmarks

The bookmarks are available here for free! Simply download and print! I like to use astrobrights paper for my bookmarks. It’s just a way to brighten up the bookmarks (affiliate link). Or print on white paper and have your students color them. 


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