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How To Strengthen Student Reading Responses With A Sticky Note Template

Sticky notes. They’re not just for grocery lists anymore. Did you know you can print on sticky notes? My favorite thing to do is print reading responses onto sticky notes for my students to fill out at literacy stations. 

reading responses

Reading responses at literacy stations are important. Your students know they are held accountable for reacting to your assignments. You can do a quick check on their understanding, and you can keep track of who has finished each station.

Using sticky notes for reading responses takes some pressure off of your students. When I was a little girl, my mom would sit me down right after my birthday to write thank you cards for my grandparents. She realized in a hurry that I would do a much better job with a smaller card, rather than a large piece of paper. I guess I felt there was less pressure to fill it up. The same goes for your students. You want to know what they think, but in this case, you don’t need them to fill up an entire journal page. 

The first thing you need to print reading responses is a sticky note template. This way, your reading skills are ready to go. You can get a set of FREE sticky note templates right here! There are 15 reading comprehension skills ready to be printed right onto your sticky notes!

I’d love to know how these work for you! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! And as always, head over to literacystations.com for time-saving products you can offer!

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Rachael Hull

Rachael Hull

Teaching literacy and facilitating literacy stations has been a passion of Rachael's and she wants to help you gain confidence in your classroom!


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