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Use This Fun Scavenger Hunt To Teach Your Students The Seesaw Tools

Do you want to use Seesaw with your students but dread the beginning of the year when they don’t know how to use the Seesaw tools? I know I was always excited about getting started with fun Seesaw activities, but struggling with my students to learn how to use the program made me want to throw in the towel!

seesaw tools

Learning The Seesaw Tools Can Be Fun

seesaw tools

So I did what any teacher would do, I made my Seesaw tutorials into a game! And the best part is that I’m offering this method to you for FREE! 

There are several components to any Seesaw activity. I’ve broken them down into digestible bits for you and your students. Each part takes only a few minutes. This way, you aren’t overwhelming your kiddos. And let’s face it, you don’t have TONS of time at the beginning of the school year. It’s easier to find a few small chunks of time to teach the Seesaw tools rather than try to find hours to teach the whole thing!


I’ve not only included teaching your students how to use the Seesaw tools, but I’ve also added how to teach your students to record themselves properly, and how to connect their grown-ups to the Seesaw Family app too! 

Seesaw Scavenger Hunt

Download the FREE Seesaw Scavenger Hunt and get your class started right away!

Need a walk through of the Scavenger Hunt? I’ve got you covered!

More Seesaw Tips​

seesaw tools

Once you’re all set with your Seesaw class, you’ll want to read this article, 7 Seesaw App Tips Nobody Told You About. I became a Seesaw Ambassador in 2019. This is some helpful information I learned along the way.


I like to add anchor charts to my Seesaw activities. This helped my students refer back to the reading skills we are learning. So I add an anchor chart to the beginning of many of my Seesaw activities.  You can learn how to do that HERE.



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Rachael Hull

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