Seesaw Class App Scavenger Hunt

seesaw class app

Are you ready to teach your students how to use the Seesaw Class App?

Teaching the Seesaw Class app is easier than you think. Here is a fun scavenger hunt to teach your students all the Seesaw shortcuts and tools they need to learn so they can responsibly complete your assignments.

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If you’re like me, you’ll know how valuable Seesaw has been this past year. I don’t know another virtual learning platform that has the same student interaction and engagement. But teaching young students how to use the app responsibly was always difficult. That’s why I made it fun by taking my students on a scavenger hunt to teach them the app. This Seesaw tutorial for kids is like a game, so they want to learn your expectations. 

This Scavenger Hunt will teach your students how to use the camera responsibly so you won’t see a million selfies. They will learn how to record their thoughts without feeling shy or silly. Taking these steps now will help your students use Seesaw as a tool, and not a toy.

Download the Scavenger Hunt today to get started using this fun and interactive remote learning platform with your students!

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