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How To Make Your Spelling Activities Fun With Emojis

Do you remember the Emoji movie? I never saw it, but I remember how popular emojis were. Around this time, I was making my first spelling activities as digital resources for my students. I started doing this pre-Covid, when it was important to limit the amount of paper we used in our classroom. This was my solution.

spelling activities

These are near and dear to my heart. They are the first types of digital resources that I began to offer on literacystations.com. I also found that my students never tired of using emojis for their spelling activities! It didn’t matter if it was September or May, my spelling station was always the most popular of all of my literacy stations because of these activities. 

What Are The Digital Spelling Activities?

These are available for you as Seesaw activities or on Google Slides. Your students will open the assignment and move the emoji to the correct spelling of the word.

What Skills Are Included In The Emoji Activities?

In this product, you’ll find the following spelling skills:

Short Vowel CVC Words

Long Vowels

Consonant Blends


R-Controlled Vowels


Variant Vowels

Soft G Words

Soft C Words

Are There Traditional Activities?

Yes! Because I always wanted a blend of traditional and digital resources, I’m including printable versions of this resource. Your kiddos can either color and cut out the emojis to glue onto the correct spelling of the word, or you can bust out some Bingo daubers! I used these often in my room, and boy, were they popular! You can get a set here! It’s an affiliate link, but you’ll get your daubers at no extra charge to you!

spelling activities

Where Can I Find These Spelling Activities?

I keep my resources on literacystations.com and that’s where you’ll find these emoji activities! Literacystations.com is a place where you can grab resources for your literacy stations. This will save you time! You can use them year after year!

spelling activities

What Other Activities Are There?

You can head over to Teaching Firsties to see more ideas for spelling! Enjoy!

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