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Flexible Classroom Seating Ideas

I dabbled with flexible seating last year. Well, I bought some seats and put them in my room. The kiddos loved them, and they were very effective, but I chose who did what with which seat. Not flexible. Do you call that dabbling?

I have a lot to learn about HOW to use flexible seating in my classroom, so guess what I’m going to do this year! Once I fill my brain with all the flexible seating hacks, I’ll add that blog to my website.

In the meantime, here are five flexible seating items that I have in my room. When it comes to helping students with sensory issues, each of these provides a different relief rather than sitting for hours crisscross applesauce or on a hard chair.


Scoop chairs are great for independent reading or working with a clipboard. They are durable, and don’t tip back easily. I had some pretty tall first graders last year, and they fit in the chair comfortably. Here are the scoop seats I use.

Balance balls (especially the ones with the feet) are great for the movers and shakers in your room. Also great for the children who are tall and don’t quite fit in a regular chair at a desk. Great for posture. Here is the one I like.

Wobble chairs offer an alternative for a chair. They move around, but they are not distracting. Great for posture.

Wobble cushions fit easily on a chair or on the floor. They are heavy duty, cushioned, and have both large and little bumps on them for comfort. They also take up less room then most chairs.

Pillows make the list because of their versatile use. Students can sit on pillows at low tables, or prop themselves up with them during independent reading. Check out these cute pillows with inspirational sayings.

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