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How do I know which TPT Bundle is best?

When you buy a bundle on teachers pay teachers, you are getting several products from an author at one discounted price. For example, an author might make five worksheets on parts of speech. You could buy each one individually at $1.00, or you could buy the bundle for $4 and get one worksheet for free.

A growing bundle differs from a bundle because the products are not completed. The price increases as each new product is added. The benefit of buying a growing bundle early is getting all the products in the completed bundle for a much lower price.

Currently, I’m writing book companions for back to school read alouds. I have three in a bundle, and I have three more to go. Each product is $4.00, So the bundle as it stands now is $12.00 total, but I marked it down to ten. If you buy the bundle today at $10.00, you will be able to download the three future products I add because you own the bundle.

As an author, writing a growing bundle has pros and cons.

  • Pro: Teachers will purchase growing bundles if they know they’re getting a good deal.
  • Pro: When you have a growing bundle uploaded into your store, you have twice the chance of being seen. My growing bundle includes my book companion for “The Kissing Hand”. If a teacher searches for that book, they’ll see both my book companion for $4.00, and the bundle for $10.
  • Con: Teachers need to know you and value your work or they may not trust future products you produce. I’m beginning my TPT business, and since I’m not well known, my first growing bundle won’t do as well as my tenth.
  • Con: If you are writing a growing bundle, you must stick to your timeline. If you don’t upload the rest of the products to complete the bundle, TPT can refund your buyer’s money.

In your growing bundle, you need to be very clear to your buyers.

In the title and description state that it is a growing bundle.
In the description and in the product, list what IS included currently, and what WILL BE included.
Make a timeline for future uploads, and stick to it!

Here’s what my growing bundle looks like.

The term “growing bundle” is in my title.

In the description, I have added “growing bundle” along with the upcoming books and the dates.

The first page of every product has “growing bundle”, the upcoming books and dates, and a link that sends them to the bundle on my TPT store.

Happy bundling, teacher friends!

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