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build classroom community

How To Build Classroom Community With A Fun Time Capsule

It’s back to school time and you have a million things to do. You know you need to build classroom community, but you also want …

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More Articles

How To Plan An Easy Review Activity On The Seesaw App From Start To Finish

Do you want to know how to make an easy review activity using the Seesaw app that you can use for years to come? I’m …

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google classroom

Yes! You Can Use Google Classroom In First Grade!

To me, Google Classroom was something that my teenagers used for their classwork, and not something I’d dream of using with my first grade students. …

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steps for close reading
Close Reading

Five Steps For Close Reading To Boost Your Student’s Vocabulary

I’m continuing this blog series on the steps of close reading. Today’s topic? Vocabulary development! We’ve all seen studies about vocabulary development in children. The …

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close read passages
Close Reading

You Can’t Find Close Read Passages? Here’s How To Write Your Own!

So you’ve been spending your planning period looking for the right close reading passage. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right passage for close reading, …

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how to teach close reading
Close Reading

What NOT to do when you are learning how to teach close reading

If you’re teaching close reading to your elementary students and it’s not going well, you might be making some of the mistakes I made when …

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Close Reading

Free Guide For Teaching Close Reading To Your Younger Students

Teaching close reading to younger students is hard! A lot of the aspects when you are teaching close reading are more applicable to older students …

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passages for close reading
Close Reading

How To Choose the Best Passages For Close Reading

So you’re ready to teach close reading, and you’re even ready to use close reading symbols, but where are you going to find the right …

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close read symbols
Close Reading

Three Things To Consider When Using Close Read Symbols For First Graders

Teaching close reading in your classroom is hard enough, but teaching your students how to use close read symbols correctly and effectively seems next to …

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Year-Long Passages For Close Reading

Save time and money by purchasing this bundle of YEAR-LONG PASSAGES FOR CLOSE READING! These fun and engaging passages and activities have everything your students need to practice independent reading and comprehension. You can prep all of your reading lessons or centers for the whole year now and save time and money!  Learn more…

Reader’s Theater Scripts For Fairy Tale Classics

If you like reader’s theater, you’ll love these reader’s theater scripts for fairy tale classics!

You’ll get two versions of scripts for the popular fairy tales. This is great for beginning readers, or to challenge your advanced readers. The reader’s theater activities are also fully digital on Google Slides!  Learn more…

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