Teaching isn't easy...

...but I’m here to help you make it easier. My name is Rachael Hull, and over the past 20 years in the classroom, I have learned how to use digital resources in my small groups and centers. Here at “Teaching Firsties” I’m going to share what works and what doesn’t work so you can set up your classroom centers easily and seamlessly.

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I’d love to help you set up literacy and math centers with a blend of both traditional tasks and digital resources.

"Teaching Firsties with Mrs. Hull has given me the freedom to be more creative with the ideas I use in my own classroom. "

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Digital Platforms: Seesaw, ClassDojo, Remind, and Class Tag

You probably knew your future teaching-self would utilize technology in your classroom, but I don’t think anyone could imagine the pandemic of 2020. As I’m writing this, nobody really knows what returning to school in the fall will look like. What we do know is that we are going to need technology more than ever

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guided reading

You Can Still Do Guided Reading Virtually!

So in 2020, your students can’t sit elbow-elbow-knee-knee anymore. Time to get creative because now more than ever, our kiddos need social interaction. So it’s vital to still have the theory of partner work or small groups, even if we’re not able to gather at the kidney table or the rug. What Platforms Should I

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virtual learning

How To Train Your Students On Devices During Virtual Learning

Usually, you would break out your classroom devices slowly, modeling for your students how to properly care for them and what your expectations are. Oh how I miss the pre-Covid world. Now, we are virtual learning. Which has a million different synonyms. E-learning, distance learning, whatever you want to call it… teachers are struggling to maintain

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poetry station

Using Digital Resources For A Poetry Station

If you haven’t caught on, I love my literacy stations. My favorite center is my poetry station. I am a sucker for good children’s poems and I love to incorporate poetry into any literacy lesson that I can.  But my usual poetry station has a shared binder with poems in them that each student touches.

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writing center

Using Digital Resources for your Writing Center

Hi friends! I’m going to admit something to you. Something that I don’t know. It’s hard to admit in such a public forum like this that I don’t know something, but here goes.  I’ve never been really good at having a writing center in my classroom. But just because I don’t feel skilled with a writing

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phonics stations

Using Digital Resources For Your Phonics Stations

Can we just take a moment to thank my blue and red ABC magnets for their many years of use at my independent phonics station? The hands that have touched them over the years… I’m going to keep them in the cabinet and hope that I can bring them out in the future.  In the

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