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seesaw tools

Use This Fun Scavenger Hunt To Teach Your Students The Seesaw Tools

Do you want to use Seesaw with your students but dread the beginning of the year when they don’t know how to use the Seesaw …

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spelling puzzles

How To Use Spelling Puzzles For Some Awesome Phonics Activities

Hey, there teacher friend! Let’s talk puzzles. Spelling puzzle games in the classroom. It’s not as chaotic as it seems. Promise! They can be so …

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reader's theater scripts

7 Tips To Make Reader’s Theater Scripts Fun In First Grade

How much fun is reader’s theater? I loved giving my students a set of reader’s theater scripts. Their face would light up, and they’d be …

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How Much Is A Boom Card Membership In 2022?

This past summer, I did a “What Are Boom Cards” challenge for teachers who want to know how to use the Boom Learning platform from …

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grading student work

How Much Time Should We Spend Grading Student Work From Our Literacy Centers?

Hey, there teacher friend! I have a HUGE question for you. Well not so huge, but that’s beside the point. How much time do you …

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My goal is to offer the help and support that you need to foster a love of reading in your students. How can I help you?

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Rachael's Story

Rachael has over twenty-two years of classroom experience and is the go-to girl for all things digital! She has been lead presenter at the NCTM Council of Mathematics, several Purdue conferences, and has been featured on Kayse Morris’ Teacher TV, and Marissa Rehder’s Teacher Haven Membership. 

Teaching Firsties with Mrs. Hull

Teaching literacy and facilitating literacy stations has been a passion of Rachael's and she wants to help you gain the confidence to use technology in your classroom! Rachael's blog, Teaching Firsties blends literacy and technology with helpful articles for K-2 educators.


Screencasting 101 For Teachers

Did you ever think you’d be sharing your screen giving tutorials so much? Or at all? I’m pretty techy, but I didn’t even know that …

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Spelling Stations

How To Make Choose Your Own Adventure Spelling Word Games With Google Slides

Are your students getting tired of the spelling word games you assign? I know that my spelling station is the one that I need to …

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Powerpoint Tutorial For Digital Anchor Charts

By now, teachers everywhere are growing more accustomed to making videos for their students. By now, you’re all doing some kind of hybrid-virtual voodoo teaching, …

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New Gingerbread Classroom Activities That Will Surely Be Your Favorite

My absolute favorite week of the school year is the last week before Christmas break. It is chaotic, but it’s the perfect time for gingerbread …

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Why Black History Month Activities Should Be Taught All Year

I’ll say this louder for those in the back. Black History should be celebrated all year. Things like National Muffin Day should get a small …

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Literacy Stations

How To Use A Literacy Stations Planner To Organize Your Small Groups

Hi friends! I’m so excited to share this with you! This is a year in the making, and I’m giving it out to you FOR …

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